eduhub days 2024

February 7, 2024 - February 8, 2024

ZHAW Haus Adeline Favre

Redefining Learning Spaces, One Innovation at a Time

Welcome to eduhub Days 2024, the annual conference dedicated to the dynamic world of e-learning, teaching, technology, and didactics of Swiss Higher Education Institutions.

eduhub Days 2024 revolves around the central theme of 'Learning Spaces.' As we explore this expansive subject, we aim to encompass the full spectrum of learning environments, from physical classrooms to innovative hybrid setups and the continuously evolving virtual worlds.

Join us as we unravel the multifaceted question of how to effectively design, manage, and optimize these spaces. Discover the latest tools, equipment, software, and pedagogical strategies that transform these environments, making education more engaging, efficient, and accessible.

This year, we have an exciting lineup featuring two keynote speakers offering unique insights and perspectives on reimagining learning spaces. Furthermore, you can engage with the members of the eduhub community at our Marketplace, where innovation and projects from our community will be showcased.

Since the 'Walk the Talk' format was so well received last year, we are delighted to inform you that we are picking up this format in an evolved way again. Engage in active listening, inquiry, and generative conversation in small groups of four as you take a walk, discussing questions, fostering deep conversations, and gaining fresh perspectives.

Don't miss this chance to be a part of eduhub Days 2024: Redefining Learning Spaces, One Innovation at a Time.


ZHAW Haus Adeline Favre

Katharina-Sulzer-Platz 9
8400 Winterthur

What's new eduhub days 2024?

EduSpace Challenge

The EduSpace Challenge is a special student track at the next Eduhub Days, the flagship E-Learning conference of Swiss Higher Education institutions. Twenty students from across Switzerland are invited to spend a day and a half designing their ideal learning spaces in small groups, accompanied by professional coaches. How will that work? The students will craft their learning spaces with materials like paper and glue! At the end, they pitch their artifacts, and the best idea is rewarded. Participants get hands-on experience with the Design Thinking method, enhance their skills, and network with fellow students and conference attendees. The entire participation is free – covering transportation, accommodation, and meals! No prior experience is necessary, and we aim for a diverse group of students (gender, age, field of study, etc.). There will be a Kick-off-Meeting Online on Monday, January 15th, 5-6 pm. All selected students are required to participate in this Kick-off, where they will familiarize themselves with the topic “learning spaces” and the design thinking method. The EduSpace Challenge is conducted in English. The selection process is based on the information provided in the application form. Applications are open until December 10, 2023.

Walk the Talk

Since the 'Walk the Talk' format was so well received last year, we are delighted to inform you that we are picking up this format in an evolved way again. Engage in active listening, inquiry, and generative conversation in small groups of four as you take a walk, discussing questions, fostering deep conversations, and gaining fresh perspectives.

Here is how a Walk the Talk works:

  • Participants will be divided into groups of four, with participants they don't know yet or have not engaged much with.

  • Groups go outside and note the time the Walk the Talk starts.

  • The first person will then have 5 minutes to address the prompt that was given to his or her group before each of the 3 other members have 2 and a half minutes to share their reactions and add question before the first person takes 2 last minutes to conclude.

  • After a first round, we will be starting a new round with participant n°2 as a starter.

  • After everyone has spoken, they can reflect on how the process was for each of them.

  • When everyone returns to the plenary room, the facilitator asks for some reflection and insights.


Don't miss our marketplace event on the first day, where universities showcase innovative Learning Spaces projects. Engage in dialogue, receive feedback, and connect with professionals.

Were you or your colleagues part of an initiative or project related to physical, hybrid, or digital learning spaces? Do you want to showcase what you worked on?

Click here to secure a marketplace booth and share your insights with the community at the upcoming eduhub days 2024.

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Jacqueline Gasser-Beck
Leiterin Teaching Innovation Lab, HSG

Jacqueline Gasser-Beck, lic. iur. EMBA HSG is heading the "Teaching Innovation and Media Lab" at the University of St.Gallen. Her team supports lecturers in developing innovative digital teaching formats.

After studying law at the University of Zurich, she worked as a researcher at the University of St.Gallen and at Harvard Law School before working as executive director for the Programs in Law at the HSG for four years. In 2008 she joined "Swissnex Boston", developing events and projects in the field of science communication for Swiss universities. After this second period abroad, she returned to Switzerland to become the executive director of the "Institute for Law and Legal Practice". While working in the field of continuing education for lawyers she developed her passion for exploring new ways of teaching, finally leading to establish the Teaching Innovation Lab at the University of St.Gallen.

Jacqueline Gasser-Beck has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Higher Education.

Tereza Karagülle
eduhub Community Manager

Tereza heads the Digital Communication and Events Team (Marketing) at SWITCH.

Her second professional responsibility is managing the eduhub Community. In her role as eduhub Community Manager, she is responsible for the organization of the eduhub days, the coordination of all Special Interest Group Meetings, as well as the alignment of the Swiss Academic Moodle Community (SAMoo).

If she is not passionately working for the HiEd Community you can find her travelling through Portugal while knitting. 


Jean-François Van de Poël
Deputy Director for digital affairs University of Lausanne

Jean-François Van de Poël is Deputy Director for digital affairs of the Centre de Soutien à l'Enseignement at the University of Lausanne. He has been active in the field of educational technologies in higher education for 20 years. During this period, he has held various positions, including educational designer, virtual campus manager and MOOC project manager in several institutions. He holds masters degrees in educational sciences, educational technologies and higher education pedagogy, and is particularly interested in the fields of teacher professional development, educational multimedia and the hybridization of educational practices.

Dr. James Lamb
Lecturer in Digital Education

Dr James Lamb is a lecturer and researcher within the Centre for Research in Digital Education and the Edinburgh Futures Institute at the University of Edinburgh. He is particularly interested in the relationship between learning spaces and digital technologies. His published work has explored the ways that online students conceptualise the university, the influence of sound and music in creating personalised learning spaces, and mobile learning within the city. He is a co-author of the Manifesto for Teaching Online and leads the postgraduate courses, ‘Learning Spaces and Digital Technologies’, ‘Education and Digital Culture’, and ‘The Future of Learning Organisations’.

Thomas Matti

Thomas Matti M.A. in History is part of the Digital Learning Team at the Zurich University of Teacher Education with a focus on e-assessment. He develops digital learning modules and supports lecturers in the design of e-assessment and helps to continuously develop this area.

After studying history and biology at the University of Bern, he worked for several years at the Bern University of Applied Sciences for Social Work in the field of e-learning, teaching courses, researching the course of study and career entry of students and was involved in the development of innovative teaching units. Since January 2022, he has been working as a member of academic staff at the PH Zurich in the field of digital learning and is very interested in helping to further develop digital education at the university.

Kevin Bieber
Programme Head Bachelor in Business Information Technology, OST

After working as a project manager for digitalization initiatives in several industries, Kevin committed to educating young people in the area of business information technology. His passion lies in providing learning environments, where technology can be leveraged to learn efficiently and effectively. The goal is not to use as much technology as possible, but rather about using suitable tools while keeping the needs of learners and educators in mind.

Lisa Messenzehl
Head of Teaching Technologies and Didactics section, ZHAW

While studying political sciences and public law, Lisa discovered her passion for education. Since then, she has navigated various institutional landscapes, from advising further education programs to overseeing an office in the language travel industry. Later, she obtained a M.A. in educational leadership and management. Her journey led her to ZHAW in 2015, where she initially contributed as an e-assessment consultant—a domain she specializes in. Today, her team facilitates digital teaching throughout the university, offering comprehensive LMS consulting & development, training programs, and dedicated support in collaboration with experts from the ZHAW Schools.

Lisa Messenzehl takes pride in bringing the eduhub days to ZHAW, marking the university as the first University of Applied Sciences to host this conference. She stands as one of the initiators of the EduSpace Challenge, showcasing her dedication to innovative educational endeavors.

Patrick Hunger
Attorney-at-Law, LL.M., EMBA, EMCCC Insead

Dr. Patrick Hunger is heading the Academic Affairs unit in the President’s office of the ZHAW. His teams lead university-wide initiatives and innovation projects on the future of higher education with a special focus on learning technologies and pedagogies, curriculum development, lifelong learning, and organizational automation.

After studying law at the university and being admitted to the bar, Patrick Hunger held throughout his entire career in the financial industry various senior roles (e.g. Legal Counsel, Global Head Compliance, General Counsel, CEO, and COO) in companies such as the Swiss National Bank, Credit Suisse, UBS Investment Bank, and Saxo Bank. His subject matter expertise in law, technology and organizational transformation led him in 2022 to join ZHAW and to embark on a journey to transform with his teams and his stakeholders higher education to the benefit of lifelong learning and digital excellence.

Patrick Hunger has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of law, technology, and organizational transformation.

Rosan Bosch

Rosan Bosch is Founder and Creative Director at Rosan Bosch Studio. Rosan is educated at the Hoge school voor de Kunsten in the Netherlands and the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona in Spain. She has worked professionally with arts, architecture, and design for more than 25 years. Rosan is an internationally coveted speaker and the author of several books and publications addressing how playful design can enhance motivation, human potential, and support life-long learning. Rosan has been the keynote at conferences around the world – including the IB Global Conference, Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, the UNESCO forum, TEDxZaragoza, TEDxIndianapolis, among others.

Rosan Bosch Studio designs environments that empower and motivate learners across the globe. The studio draws on multiple scientific fields to create learner-centered design solutions that increase motivation and influence learning experiences positively. The studio looks to the built environment and its ability to support pedagogical methods rather than separating curriculum from the spatial experience. Based on six design principles for learning situations, the studio creates flexible, playful, and diverse learning landscapes. Located in Copenhagen and Madrid, the studio has transformed education for both public and private schools worldwide using playful design as a catalyst for learning.

Hervé Platteaux
senior lecturer at the University of Fribourg

After studying physics (M.Sc. – Univ. of Geneva), he worked during ten years for scientific culture events and museums in Europe while developing a thesis work about educational hypermedia applications (Ph.D. Science of Education - Univ. of Geneva).

Then in 2001, he moved to Fribourg as the responsible for pedagogy in the e-learning center of the University. In 2023, he joined the newly created “Service de didactique universitaire et compétences numériques” as a senior lecturer. Since more than 20 years, he is 1) developing (design, implement and test) the best pedagogical technology based solution for learning-teaching activities; 2) teaching students and training teachers about educational technology usages and 3) developing networking activities, in particular with the Eduhub of the Swiss universities.

Also he is developing an applied research activity about educational technologies: Competence Frameworks, Personal Learning Environment, Digital Skills in Higher Education.

Frank Richter

Frank Richter is a journalist by education and worked as a multimedia producer for SRF from 2014-2019. He also worked as a freelancer for, Blick and Tamedia - in other words, for any media company that had a penny to spare. In 2020, he switched to ZHAW digital and began producing videos on the topic of digitalization. He also moderated keynotes on artificial intelligence for ZHAW, even though he doesn't really know anything about the subject. His second foothold is in the entertainment industry. Frank hosts the weekly TV talk show "On the rocks" on blue, writes comedy for radio and TV programs and performs as a stand-up comedian in Germany and Switzerland.